Q Sciences: A Retired NFL Quarterback’s 4th Quarter

Photo by Daniel Álvasd on Unsplash

If you go to the Q Sciences website without any prior knowledge of what it was, and you read their info, I have a strong feeling you’d still be wondering what this company even is. There’s events (that you can even host), products for adults, kids, and dogs, a way to make income, a 501(c)(3) for kids, and an owner who was in the NFL. It sounds like a place that Stefon from SNL would talk about because this MLM seems to have everything.

Here’s all the product categories Q Sciences sells (save for their “opportunity” that I’ll get to shortly):

  • Nutrition products
  • Hemp (oils, balms, etc)
  • Kids (I’m not kidding, under the products tab, “Kids” is an option. But it’s for a kid’s nutrition supplement powder)
  • Fitness and weight loss supplements
  • Energy
  • Oral sprays
  • Limited time offers, which right now is showing various packs of stuff for both kids and adults

“To us at Q Sciences, living quintessentially is defined by making deliberate choices in your nutrition, fitness, mental and emotional wellness, and yes — also your finances. With the introduction of the Financial Freedom Movement, we are excited to help you pay off debt, contribute to your retirement plan, and teach you to transform and own your financial future.”

Hold up.

They can help people pay off their debt?!

Let’s keep reading

“Through a new level of understanding and responsibility, you can experience true financial freedom even before completely replacing your full-time income with Q Sciences. Your path to financial success includes commitment to three guiding principles:

1. Getting your financial house in order
2. Making more money through your Q Sciences business
3. Starting a savings plan and sticking to it”

In going through their entire Opportunity tab page, there isn’t a way to join anything; just a ton of generalized statements and a big promotion of their app.

So how does someone sign up to become an Ambassador for Q Sciences?

Luckily, Google exists and you’re able to find parts of the Q Sciences website that you wouldn’t be able to by just clicking around the seemingly public-facing site. And it’s a doozy.

When you get to the welcome page, the very first thing you see is a video by their founder and ex-NFL quarterback, Marc Wilson. The video is a little over four minutes and basically tells us everything that was already written down on the website, except in this video, it’s just with stock footage of people being happy. Okay, so nothing new learned in the video.

After a wall of the C-level executives at the company, you’re then hit with this quote:

Couple issues with this quote:

  1. Income claim
  2. Recruitment is talked about — but where is the talk about selling products?

Let’s remember this from the FTC

“The promoters of a pyramid scheme may try to recruit you with pitches about what you’ll earn. They may say you can change your life — quit your job and even get rich — by selling the company’s products. That’s a lie. Your income would be based mostly on how many people you recruit, not how much product you sell. Pyramid schemes are set up to encourage everyone to keep recruiting people to keep a constant stream of new distributors — and their money — flowing into the business.”

…you picking up what I’m putting down?

Moving down the page, we come across their compensation plan (not to be confused with an income disclosure statement). There’s four ways to make money as an Ambassador for Q Sciences.

Customer Sales Commission

“Earn a percentage of Commissionable Volume (CV). This percentage increases with the CV amount.”

Monthly Team Commission

“Receive a higher Monthly Team Commission through the advancement of Ranks.”

Promotional Rank Bonus

“An added cash bonus for advancing Ranks.”

Financial Freedom Movement

“When you reach certain ranks and benchmarks, Q Sciences will begin to contribute additional bonuses towards eliminating qualified debt or funding an approved savings plan that will help you plan for retirement.”

If you’re keeping score, 3 out of 4 income earning ways through this company are by recruiting.

Now, going back to the public-facing website, you can see they’re heavily promoting their Ignite 2022 event that’s happening on the day this article goes live.

From what I can tell, there’s an in-person and virtual audience for this event. Another thing I can tell is that, based on the social media pictures I’m seeing from the first day of the event, this all-indoor conference doesn’t seem to have any vaccine and/or mask policies. I’ll be monitoring this event via social media, so you can absolutely expect more articles about this in the very near future.

From Q Sciences Instagram story on February 3, 2022.

I don’t know about you, but based on what I’ve seen so far and thus presented here, and as is my own opinion, Q Sciences is looking a lot more like a pyramid scheme than a multi-level marketing company.

Of course, I’ve done more research on this and know a bit more than I’m letting on, so be assured that when I say we’ve only scratched the surface, I mean it. We still haven’t gotten into their in-house doctor, Stephen Kimberley, reviews of the company/products/opportunity, or their 501(c)(3).

Marc Wilson may have won 2 Super Bowl titles, but I think Q Sciences will be leaving him at 4th and short with no hope for a Hail Mary pass.

Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash



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